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Forever alone

I feel like im never going to find someone who is right for me. Im gonna be the person to create the forever alone button on Facebook. I know there is people who have been single longer than I have but, I haven’t been in a relationship since like 3 months ago:’(. I don;t like being single. It sucks because when your in a relationship all the single people talk about how fun being single is. Then your single and you realize its not as great as you imagined. Next everyone around you has a boyfriend or girlfriend and no matter how hard you try you can’t get asked out or you get rejected and it lowers your self confidence. Then sooner or later you give up, buy a few cats and separate yourself from the world. The only time you end up coming out of your house is when the cats need litter and food and your yearly supply of groceries ran out. My point is being alone sucks:(. Big time! Have you ever felt this way, or is it just me ?

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